Withdrawal of funds

How to withdraw money?

You can withdraw the remaining balance from your account anytime. For security reasons, we transfer withdrawn money only to the bank account or card you originally used to fund your account.

You can manage the money at your own  discretion. You can pay for Auction and Online stores items, or withdraw money. Refunds are made by the same methods as the deposit.

If you used to refill your account using Visa card or Mastercard, withdraw will be made through partial or full refund. Exchange rate for calculating the amount will be the same as when crediting the payment. If you want to withdraw money from Yaharu account, please connect with us via Message and inform us the date and amount of the deposit and the amount you want to refund.

Refund of PayPal will be made through its deposit funds. Please pay attention, refund is available within 60 days from date of payment. If the period of refund has already expired, we can make a transfer of funds through the paypal system. Please inform us via Message your PayPal ID and amount of refund.