Unfortunately, as we specify in our Terms, you cannot cancel your bid once it is placed and you cannot cancel an item if you have won it. We kindly ask our customers to be careful before placing a bid. If you are not sure about a product or seller, we advise to search for similar items or contact our Customer Service team for clarifications.
If you have won an item that is from the list of items that are prohibited to be shipped from Japan, it must be shipped to an Japanese address or to be disposed of at our warehouse when we receive it from the seller. We ask that our customers consult our list of prohibited items that cannot be shipped outside of Japan, before placing a bid.
Please try calculate the final cost of your orders by the following rule: Item cost / final winning price + flat-rate domestic bank transfer 500 yen + domestic shipping + Yaharu fee 0 yen + international shipping.
You can increase your bid simply by bidding again with a higher desired amount.
In order to make a bid on a lot, you must first transfer a deposit to be able to place a bid on a desired lot. Please note that the total amount of the deposit consists in: the total amount of the bid + our company commission based on the amount of the bid + bank transfer flatrate 500 yen. Before placing a bid, please keep in mind to transfer or top your wallet with enough funds to cover the above mentioned.
Please read our Reserve info page.
In case if you do not win the auction that you have bid, all the reserved funds will be returned to your account in about 5 to 10 min time. You can then use the funds to either continue bidding/shopping or ask for a withdrawal.
Yes, you can ask for a withdrawal of your funds. Please read our info page here.