EMS Speed Post

Delivery by EMS, speed international mail, is the ideal option for light and small goods, or for articles, which you would like to receive in the shortest time possible.

EMS is the most common and convenient way to deliver parcels from Japan. When choosing this shipping method, the parcel will be delivered within 3 to 10 days. Each parcel is assigned with a tracking number, which you can see in your personal account on our website, after assembling your parcel.

The shipping cost depends on the weight. The site calculator gives accurate information about the cost of shipping from Japan by EMS parcels. Also, full information regarding EMS shipping rates can be found on the official website of Japan Post, here.

Parcel insurance is available as well. By default, each parcel is insured for 20,000 yen. If you want to insure your parcel for a larger amount, please leave such a request in the comments to the parcel assembly. Additional information regarding parcel insurance rates can be found here.

Main characteristics

Delivery time: 3-14 days (depending on the country).
Maximum parcel weight: 20-30 kg (depending on the country).
Maximum length of parcel: 150 cm (depending on the country).
Limit for the sum of length and perimeter: 300 cm (depending on the country).

Parcel tracking: possible to track the whole route of the parcel.

Insurance: available. An insurance price is based on the amount specified in the customs declaration. There is insurance surcharge for parcels shipped with EMS with a declared value exceeding ¥ 20000.

There must be no more than two products with lithium batteries in one parcel. EMS doesn’t deliver goods prohibited for airmail transportation such as flammable liquids, motor oil, shock absorbers, and similar products.

Official rate schedule