Why choose Yaharu.com?

Why choose Yaharu.com?

Our main objective is customer service. As a Company that brings the goods from Japan closer to you, we invest a lot in improving our business to provide the best options for customers worldwide to have the possibility to choose any product they may find of interest and easily order them.
Below are the major reasons why Yaharu.com can become your stop for Japanese goods:

1. Advanced online platform that gives you the possibility to order any item from Yahoo! Auctions from the comfort of your place

2. A dedicated large warehouse in Japan to handle all orders and shipments

3. Business agreements with major delivery services to ensure a smooth and convenient delivery to our warehouse and shipment to our beloved customers

4. A team of professionals and online commerce enthusiasts that are doing their best to provide you with a wonderful shopping experience from Japan

But there is even more!

Another huge advantage that our Company offers is the possibility to pay in US Dollars $ and EU Euros without any currency exchange into Japanese Yen. You can pay in USD and Euros exactly the amount without any fear of losing conversion rate.