Sniper Bidding

What is a sniper bid and what are its advantages?

There are times when bidding for the lot(s) that interest you are ending in an inconvenient time for you, and therefore not possible for you to bid. Of course, you can place your bid at the start of the auction, but you do not want to attract too much attention to the specific lot and arouse the price. But using this service provided by Yaharu, you receive the amazing possibility to increase your chances that you will not be over bidded by other users, as sniper bids are triggered at the auction in the last moment, right before it’s ending.

How does it work?

Our system analyzes and remembers the ending time of the auction for the lot and triggers your sniper bid to the auction trade 5 minutes before the bidding time ends.


For auction lots that have auto-prolongation, sniper bids are transferred to the auction no sooner than 5 minutes before the end of the bidding time. For lots without auto-prolongation, our system transfers the bids to the auction 10 seconds before the end if bidding time.

About funds blocking

Funds for the sniper bid are blocked in the moment when they are transferred to the auction. If the funds in your account are not covering the sniper bid amount - it will not be transferred to the auction.

Can you cancel the sniper bid?

You can cancel your sniper bid no later than 2 minutes before it is transferred to the auction.

What happens when several users place sniper bids on the same lot?

If several users place sniper bids on the same lot, then standard auction bidding rules will be applied, regarding the bid time: priority is given to the user which placed the bid first. There are no additional delays regarding sniper bid transfer, all bids are transferred immediately.

Remark: Sniper bids are accepted only for single items.