Vertical full auto turntable from Sharp


An interesting model we came across yesterday for a product check is a vertical turntable from Sharp, and more exact the model RP-V4, fully automatic vinyl player. There are few vertical record players, as it seems that many prefered to pick the classic lying position for the vinyl.

This model though, had its share of popularity, both domestic and for export. A sensor will determine the required speed of the plate’s rotation, and the device will lead the needle to the beginning of the plate. If there is no record, the toner will return to its initial position.

Thanks to 2 tangential tonearms, this turntable can reproduce both sides in a row without stopping and turning the plate, as well as switching tracks back and forth, and pausing.

The model RP-V4 was made for Japan, going for all other countries as the Sharp RP-114H, a fine piece for any enthusiasts collection. Nowadays, many buy this turntable as to add to their bunch a vertical player which definitely stands out between its horizontal siblings.