Subaru Legacy used headlights


Used headlights are a very popular product that is searched, purchased and shipped from Japan. Since they are fairly delicate, and tend to break easily even in insignificant accidents, headlights and backlights are always in constant demand.

Why they are bought at japanese auctions? The answer is simple- since there are tons of vendors who sell such products on a daily basis. Here we are talking about a big range of sellers, like simple persons who want to sell the spare parts they had for their car, dismantlers who work daily on taking cars apart and selling them online, or big specialized Japanese stores that gather cars all over the country for mass dismantling an then retail the parts.

Like these Subaru headlights which we have checked on behalf of our customer, you can see the good condition it was being sold. After the check, the lights went for repacking into a reinforced package before being delivered abroad.

There are several ways you can buy headlights or other spare parts with the help of our Company, and one is by searching the auctions for suitable lots, access our OEM parts section if you need a new part and know the catalogue number, or if you find a Japanese store and can send us the link from it, so we could purchase it on your behalf.