Sega Dreamcast consoles


Japan is very serious when it comes to recycling, that is why you can find so many second hand stores for almost any type of products.

It is the same thing with games, books, videos. You have thousands of stores nationwide which sell either new or used gaming consoles, various books of any genre, video games and so on.

Many of them of course are online stores that offer their products through various selling platforms. Of course, we can say that the biggest one is Yahoo! Auctions, which is the main platform when it comes to buying/selling second hand stuff.

And in this post, we want to talk about Dreamcast consoles, which may easily relate to other Japanese branded consoles. Many vendors, upon collecting a certain amount of Gaming sets, such as Dreamcast or PlayStation, GameCube and others, very often split the gaming sets and sell consoles without the whole gaming platform in order to gain more profit.

But there is no need to worry, as prices are anyway quite reasonable. For example, the order we have featured in this post, where our customer has purchased a box full of used Dreamcast consoles.

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