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OEM parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and equipment are made by individual manufacturers for specific auto brands. For example, Toyota or Honda engines using Denso injectors, makes Denso the OEM manufacturer, and their injectors - OEM parts.

Usually, all OEM manufacturers put their own Company brand logo on the parts, and most probably, when buying for example a Nissan or Mazda spare part, you can have the logo of the OEM manufacturer.

Also, please keep in mind that the same parts may be made by several different manufacturers, a common used habit to help develop the high quality of the spare parts and encourage competition between the manufacturing companies.

YAHARU provides OEM parts worldwide for more than 10 years. With a complete catalog of available parts, you can find any item and have it shipped for you directly from Japan. With a profound domestic logistics network and a team of professionals, we will prepare, pack and ship your order straight to your destination, to the comfort of your home.

We offer spare parts supply from the following brands: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Hino, Hamp, Isuzu, MMC Truck, Modelista, Pitwork, Roadpartner, TRD, UD Nissan Diesel.

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How to buy

In order to place an order, you will need the catalog number of the spare part. You can easily find this number on online catalogs. Two most popular directories would be EPC data and ILCATS.

To find the specific part, weight and price, place the catalog number in our search bar. Below, we will show an example of how the search works, and for that, we will take a look at an engine block, N1 RB26DETT, with its number, 11000-JF00A. It shows the following:

1 - The approximate weight of the part ( please note that the actual weight may differ from the information shown online)

2 - Description ( name of the part)

3 - Price of the part at the company’s warehouse

After pressing “Order form”, you will be taken next to order details and confirmation. In this panel you can specify the quantity of the parts needed ( by default, the quantity is set to 1). We kindly ask our customers to form one catalog number position in one order. In case of forming several catalog number positions, our Company reserves the right of dropping the order and not setting it in work. After placing the order, the status changes to “in the processing queue”. During business hours by Japan time, the according funds will be deducted from your account / wallet and the status will be changed to “purchasing of goods” (in case if there are enough funds in your account / wallet) or to “waiting customer confirmation” ( in case there are no funds on your account balance).

Please note, that all payed for orders cannot be canceled. After receiving the goods from the supplier at our Company’s warehouse, the status of your order will be changed to “at the warehouse in Japan”. In the order panel, you will be provided with photos of the part, as well as with the actual weight upon receival.

Usually, orders are being processed during the work day. Part are being delivered to our warehouse every Friday. Sometimes, there may be delays in deliveries to our Company, in which case we inform our customers via our website messaging system.

This post is about a very rare and old guitar, a precious piece for many collectors, a Nakade Sakazo signature guitar.

Nakade Sakazo was one of the most reputed luthiers in Japan, making fine crafted guitars since the 60’s. Along with his older brother Rokutaro they apprenticed under Japanese Master violin luthier, Kinpachi Miyamoto and went to Spain to study guitar making from various Spanish craft masters.

Sakazo Nakade and his brother, along with Sakazo’s children were very popular in the guitar sector and where competing with another famous crafter, Masaru Kohno, of Kohno Guitars in the Japanese market.

Up to day, only Toshihiko Nakade, son of Sakazo still makes guitars, mostly sold in Japan. It is said that the price for his guitars starts at around 100.000 yen.

The guitar in our post is 46 years old, with signature from the master crafter, Nakade Sakazo. The case is Spanish, from EMSA. This is truly an exquisite piece for any classic collector.

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