Noodle dishes, a main part of Japanese cuisine


Noodles are a main part of Japanese cuisine. There are tens of different recipes as well as types of noodles that are cooked.

Likewise, almost every region has its own traditional recipe specific for their surroundings. You can find a ramen shop at almost every corner, which serves bowls of tasty, freshly cooked hot noodles.

With this dish deeply rooted in tradition, there is no wonder you find them in any place.

You can have a taste of the country’s fine noodles even at a distance. And that is by trying the huge variety of instant noodles, that come in various flavors and types. Many can think that this may be junk food, but like all things in Japan, they are made of a very good quality, and they taste great.

Many of them feature tastes from different regions and mimic the noodles soup that are famous there. Since Japan’s style of life in the modern world is ever so busy, leaving little time to prepare your own noodle dish from the start, instant noodles are maybe the top choice when you want something fast.

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