How to buy original spare parts from Japan using bidding proxy service


Sites like Yahoo Japan Auctions make it possible to buy original spare parts for cars direct from Japan. But there is a catch. A lot of online stores and sellers do not provide worldwide shipping. And that is when comes to help you. With our bidding proxy service, you will easily buy car parts from Japan and we will make sure they are safely delivered to you.

And in this article, we explain how you can get your car parts from Japanese online stores via our site.

Option 1.

To make an order, you will need a catalogue number of a part you are looking for. You can find this number on online catalogues. For example, here.

After you get the catalogue number of the part, you need to use our search form:

For example, you are looking for a Subaru cylinder head gasket with the catalogue number 11044AA013. After you enter the number and click the Search button, you will see the table with the car part details, including its weight (the real weight can be a bit different), type and price.

Then after clicking the Order form link, you are transferred to the Orders from online stores page. On this page, you need to specify how many parts you want to buy. The default number of parts is 1.

Please note that you should your order should contain one catalogue number. If you add several catalogue numbers in the same order, this order may be cancelled. After you submit your order by clicking the “Send the request” button below the Information on products table, the status of your order becomes “Processing”.

Within one working day, if you have enough money on your account, you are charged money to pay for the order and its status becomes “Purchasing”. In case the money on your account is not enough to buy a product, the status of the order is “Awaiting for customer’s confirmation”.

Please note that once you have paid for the order, you can’t cancel it. After your order is delivered to our warehouse, it gets the status of “At the warehouse in Japan”. On the order’s page, you will be able to check out photos of the item you ordered and its real weight. On average, such orders are processed within a working day. Spare car parts are delivered to our ware house every Friday. Sometimes delays may occur and in these cases we inform our customers about the delays via a message.

On our website, you can choose shipping by air (EMS/SAL/EPACKET/SAL small packet) or by sea (available only for certain countries and certain types of goods). For more details visit this page or contact your manager.

Please note that if you order more than one item, you need to specify the same number of items you ordered when adding them into a parcel. For example, you purchased 12 items in the same order. So, you need to mention this number when submitting the items to shipping.

Option 2.

The second option is to buy car parts directly from Japan using Yahoo Japan Auctions. The bidding process is the same as on other popular platforms like eBay and with our English bidding proxy service you will able to bid and get your products wherever you live.

To start bidding, you will need to register an account (click here to learn how to do it). The next step is to find the car part you are looking for. You can use either:

the search bar on top (this option may give you very few or no results, as you will need to enter the name of the part in Japanese because most sellers do not mention English names of the parts in their descriptions)

  • or click the “Automobile and motorcycle” link in the left side bar

and then choose the right sub category.

After you find the right item, you can start bidding (make sure that you have enough money to bid on the item). As soon as you win the auction, we take care of the rest. We transfer the money from your account to the seller. After we receive your item at our warehouse in Japan, we carefully inspect it for any problems and then pack it and ship to you.


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