Product checking at our warehouse in Japan


Sometimes, buying used products over the internet can prove a tricky task. There are sellers that make and post many good photos of the items that they are selling, which can help the buyer understand the real condition, and there are sellers that either make few, or poor quality photos, or hide defects on purpose, to fool the buyer.

In order to avoid bad experiences with certain products of which you have your doubts about their condition, we strongly recommend our customers to order a product check with our Company, to have the real picture of your purchase.

What does this service include and how can you order it?

Our customers can easily order “Product check” in their personal account page.

This service includes the following actions:
1. We check the conformity of the order with the description of the lot from the online store.

2. Make 10-15 good quality photos of the product itself.

We can perform as well simple requests during the product check – recycle a part of the order, dismantle or assemble the order, and other simple tasks that do not require special training or skills. For such requests, we kindly ask our customers to send us detailed instructions through our website of how they need it to be done.

Any claims to sellers / delivery services of Japan can be forwarded within 2 weeks. In case of any doubts regarding an order, it is always better to send the request for a product check before it even arrives at our warehouse (right after the bid).

In most cases it is possible to negotiate with the sellers regarding return/replacement of an non conformant product. But of course, there are cases when this is very difficult. Items from the category “sold as not working”, cannot be returned, items from the category “No claims, items cannot be returned” (NC/NR pr No claim/No return) are always very hard to return.

We hope this article was helpful for your future shopping on It can be read on our website as well, here.

Below are some examples of the product checks we have performed.