Fine jewelry and brand items


We will present in this post a fine piece of jewelry, top condition – wrist watch from French jewelry brand Mauboussin, 70 Tours series, bought at Japanese auctions.

Some may wonder why buy used jewelry or brand items from auctions in Japan. There are several good reasons for that. In Japan, most of the products sold, especially from high end manufacturers are all authentic and original, no fakes if they were bought in the country from official stores and authorized dealers.

Other reasons would be the fact that most renowned brands have their presence here, since the population has the capability to afford quality items, and even for many years, luxury products were available throughout the whole country, even in the simplest department stores and malls. Many chain stores stack a lot of old collections at discounted prices, attracting a lot of local customers.

Added to all mentioned above, the Japanese people have a high commitment to recycle, and take their used possessions to second hand stores, which in turn sell them, or, as you may guessed already, sell them themselves online on auctions.

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