Car wheels (rims) packaging


Used wheels are one of the hot products bought from Japan, with hundreds of attractive offers for both new and used items posted daily.

Rims are a main part of the car’s overall image, and speaks for itself from a distance. That is why of course, when buying over the internet from Japan, you expect to receive your purchases in fair condition, without scratches, hits or other defects which may occur during delivery.

Over the years of our experience, we have perfected our services to offer our customers professional solutions to worldwide shipping, in the form of enforced packaging to protect the products from any harm during movement and handling.

We use high quality corrugated carton and plastic straps to fully wrap the rims and give a whole protective shell, so you will be comfortable knowing your wheels will come in the exact shape you have bought them.

We highly recommend you to order our special package when buying rims from Japan.

Please consult our friendly staff for any other details or help regarding orders and delivery from Japan, we will be happy to provide any assistance.